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The GO Coaching and Organizational Development program is a program offered in collaboration with Relational Change. Dedicated for everyone interested in coaching and organizational development the program provides widening of the perspective of all participants. We work with real-life scenarios which the participants bring to the group. During the training we work one-on-one and in small groups. The program contains theory and practice and it incorporates different theoretical backgrounds – gestalt theory, relational gestalt, whole intelligence, complexity theory, theory U… A completion in the program enables participants to get 35 hours of credit toward Relational Organisational Gestalt-Relational Change, UK.

This program is in collaboration with Relational Change, UK.



Angelika Burovski, MSc, EAGT-GPO & Frosina Ristovska, MSC EAGT&EAP

Module 1: Group process, personal growth and development

Module 2: Developing a Presence and Awareness

Module 3: Embodiment

Module 4: Responding to the situation – Field theory and resilience

Module 5: Dialogue

Module 6: Group dynamics

Year 2

Module 7: Coaching Systemic Mapping

Module 8: Coaching Systemic Mapping – continued

Module 9: Foundations of Relational gestalt

Module 10: Self – Relational Gestalt

Module 11: Other – Relational Gestalt

Module 12: Situation – Relational Gestalt

Each module will be covered over 11 hours in two consecutive days – 8 hours Saturday afternoon and 3 hours Sunday morning.

In order for participant to qualify for the diploma several requirements should be met:

  • 3 Action Inquiry 500 words each
  • 1 Case study of 3500 words
    • Description of case
    • Use of self as instrument
    • Gestalt Theory/Map
    • Literature review
  • 40 hours coaching practice
  • 15 hours individual coaching at set price of 15 EUR per session
  • 10 hours individual supervision at set price of 20 EUR per 45 minute session
  • 30 hours group supervision at set price of  20 EUR per three hour session

The cost for the 2 years of the program is 1500 Euros in total or 750 euros per year.



Program Co-leaders

Angelika Burovski, MSc, MA, EAGT-GPO

Frosina Ristovska, MSc, EAGT-GPO

Visiting trainers

Jess Taylor, MSc

Ann Shuptrine, EAGT-GPO

Ana Jankulovska, EAGT-GPO

Maja Simonovska, MSc, EAGT-GPO

Aneta Sekovska, Systemic Mapping Coach

Biljana Drvosanova, PMP, Gestalt Coach and OD Consultant