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About Us

It all began with an idea and a group of women. An action inquiry group aimed at inquiring at how to develop Gestalt OD in Macedonia. Soon the passion and ambition for change was carried on into a consulting center and through various educative adventures of the first members, GO center became an eclectic center where post-modernism came to life. We now do a range of activities including coaching, organizational development consulting, education of people that want to make a difference in the world as well as take care of themselves. GO center commits to build relationships with an international community of people who are committing to dialogue wherever they stand on this globe.

Our Approach

At GO Center we are always curious of what is next in adult learning settings. How can we work towards supporting the creation of healthy systems and supporting individuals thrive through our work as consultants, coaches, supervisors, trainers and psychotherapists. Our work sits in the Gestalt methodology and is strongly inspired by Malcolm Parlett’s five exploration. We believe that to create conditions of safety for growth both at organizational and individual level, there are five explorations which need to be  developed in order to develop whole intelligence.

Our People

Anamarija Radulovska

Partner Member

Katerina Kring

Associate Member

Sandra Canic

Associate Member

Aneta Sekovska

Partner Member

Ana Jankulovska

Partner Member

Biljana Velichkovska

Permanent Member

Sanja Stefanovik

Partner Member


Constellations were developed by Bert Hellinger in the 90s. Since then colleagues all over the world have been using and adapting them to their work, both individuals, families, teams, organisations and whole ecological systems. Many of our members have completed a constellation and systemic mapping training with Jenny Mackewn in Bath, UK. We use systemic

Women in HR

Click here for the whole program: Woman in HR Fees Pre-taster Event on the 8th of June 18:00-19:30- FREE For the Six modules: 800€ For Corporate Sector 500€ For Private Sector 400€ For Public Sector Register for the Pre-taster or the six modules on: contact@gestaltinorganizations.com This six modules Masterclass is specifically designed for women leaders


GO-Program Click here for the whole program The GO Coaching and Organizational Development program is a program offered in collaboration with Relational Change. Dedicated for everyone interested in coaching and organizational development the program provides widening of the perspective of all participants. We work with real-life scenarios which the participants bring to the group. During


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