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About Us

GO Center is a Coaching, Organizational Development, Supervision and educational center located in Skopje, North Macedonia with affiliates located in France, Germany, UK and Norway. Our work is anchored in Gestalt methodology along with systemic mapping and whole intelligence as a support to individual, team, organizational and societal development.

Our Approach

Our approach is deeply enrooted into whole intelligence. As such we are working through the lens of the five explorations, with various tools and approaches developing individuals and organizational capabilities to:

-Build healthy relationship

-Develop self-awareness

-Experiment and being curious at new ways of doing and being

-Developing the capacity to respond to complex situations

-Empowering individuals to be mindful and in tune with their bodies

The development of the five explorations and whole intelligence is done through incorporating Gestalt methodology, Systemic mapping, latest trends in adult learning, organizational development, leadership development and coaching.

Our People

Anamarija Radulovska

Partner Member

Katerina Kring

Associate Member

Sandra Canic

Associate Member

Aneta Sekovska

Partner Member

Biljana Velichkovska

Permanent Member

Biljana Drvosanova

Permanent Member