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Women in HR

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Pre-taster Event on the 8th of June 18:00-19:30- FREE

For the Six modules:
For Corporate Sector
For Private Sector
For Public Sector
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This six modules Masterclass is specifically designed for women
leaders in HR or assuming HR responsibilities. The three trainers
have different professional backgrounds and share a common calling
for coaching, facilitation and organizational development. They are
from three different Balkan countries and are passionate to support
women in their professional and personal development. The program is designed around three core axis:
• Personal – Two modules are dedicated to
personal growth and how to develop the
capacity to learn and respond intelligently to
an ever growing, complex and unpredictable
environment. This is coupled with practicing
self-care, empathy and working towards a
better version of ourselves.
• Interrelation – These modules expand the
individual’s capacity to form and sustain
healthy relationships, with a special attention
to the art of dialogue and collaboration.
• Systemic – The final modules are outward
looking; in an ever more VUCA world, learning
how to respond to complex situations is key
for being a successful HR leader.
All modules combine experiential and theoretical aspects. As a
participant you will be engaged in a mix of discussions and exercises
designed to strengthen the learning experience.
All modules are two weeks apart; the duration of the individual
modules varies between 2 to 2,5 hours. The group is limited to 12 participants.