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Relational Change was founded to inspire and lead developments in Relational theory and practice.  We work in a wide range of settings including organisational development, coaching, counselling and community building.  Our ecological and dialogic approach highlights the concept of ethical presence in complex and challenging situations.


The Manifesto is ultimately about the ways we live as human beings, and how five essential kinds of competence combine to create our Whole Intelligence. This rethinking of what it means to act intelligently opens up a powerful and much-needed resource for humanity. Our Whole Intelligence is essential for sustaining mental health, resilience, and energy; it underpins effective leadership and ‘good functioning’ of organisations and communal projects.

The Whole Intelligence Manifesto appears at a critical moment. Humanity is in the midst of a resurgent pandemic that calls for a sea-change in coordination and global justice, neither of which is happening; national leaders engage in playground politics and dangerous military posturing; and the crisis of rapid heating of our planet is still marked by denial of responsibility and political paralysis when bold, competent, and inspiring leadership is what’s urgently required.

At a time of apparent insanity and confusion, the Whole Intelligence Manifesto charts a straightforward and timely way to move forward. The Big Idea I have explored appears relevant and worth sharing widely. The need for baseline wise functioning in handling the complexity of existence calls for a new style of personal activism, one that responds to humanity’s silent cry.



GO Center and Gestalt Centre Wales share the same passion for whole intelligence and the flourishing of individuals and communities.