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In Trainings


Duration: 3 hours / max 20 employees


The unrealistic archetype for the deal worker has been built for decades and was related to the believe that the ideal worker is the one who is wholly devoted to their job and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year , every year of their career. This thou sounds impossible and our desire to succeed professionally can push people to set aside their own wellbeing. Creating a better work-life balance will inevitably contribute to having more satisfied employees and will support their overall wellbeing.


Through individual and work in small groups employees will:

  • Learn how to manage a good work-life balance regardless daily hassles
  • Explore new ways of how they can support themselves individually and their team members while providing a good balance throughout their day
  • Learn how to use grounding techniques in order to re-energize and bring balance while at work
  • Become aware of the choices they make and how they enable/disable them I creating a good work-life balance


For the purposes of this workshops we will use:

  • Experimenting and exploring through individual and work in small groups
  • Dialogue
  • Inquiry
  • Guided visualization
  • Grounding techniques