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In Community


Duration: 3 hours / max 20 employees

Place: Zoom

Resilience is the quality that allows people to flex and adapt to the inevitable changes of life, to be knocked down and to come back in a new way. Through this workshops employees will learn how to ground themselves in difficult times, developing skills into following the information through all four ways of knowing, will be better able to provide support to the team and handle difficult situations.


Through individual and work in small groups employees will:

  • Inquire into how to build resilience on individual and team level
  • Explore new ways of supporting individuals and the team
  • Learn how to ground themselves and proactively use support systems
  • Increase their awareness of the importance of their wellbeing (physical and mental)
  • Explore new ways of how they can bounce back the daily hassles


For the purposes of this workshops we will use:

  • Individual and work in small groups
  • Dialogue
  • Inquiry
  • Guided visualization
  • Grounding techniques