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In Psychoterapy


Providing constant support for employees’ wellbeing is an essential part of successful companies. Psychotherapy is one way of doing this. Through the process of psychotherapy employees have a possibility to learn a bit more for their current condition, emotions,  thoughts, behavior and to learn how to take control over their life and accordingly respond on challenges in their life true use of adequate support systems.

The sessions are done in a duration of 60 minutes with an experienced EAGT and EAP accredited psychotherapist who works in alliance with the highest ethical standards and GDPR requirements. All our team members adhere to the European Association of Gestalt Therapy as their primary Ethical code of conduct. As such all our practices regarding confidentiality, safeguarding and professional code of conduct can be found in the EAGT code of ethics.

What are the benefits of organizational psychotherapy for the employee and the organization?

Employee benefits include:

  • A safe place where they can talk about their problems
  • Develop effective ways to deal with problems
  • Opportunity to get to know and understand themself better
  • Establish or strengthen stress management skills

The benefits to the organization include:

  • Reducing the number of sick leaves used by employees
  • Reducing the number of employees turnover
  • A productive way to deal with sensitive situations and problematic behaviours
  • Improving employee performance
  • Creating a reputation for an organization that cares about its employees – a culture of safety


Our Psychotherapists

Frosina Ristovska, MSc, EAGT, EAP

Maja Simonovska, MSc, EAGT, EAP

Aneta Sekovska, EAGT

Sanja Stefanovik, Gestalt Psychotherapist