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In Trainings


Duration: 3 hours / max 20 employees

Place: Zoom

Stress is inevitable part of our everyday life and thus learning how to manage stress is a necessity and a requirement for every fast pace environment. Through this workshops employees will have an opportunity to learn and explore some of the stress sources at the workplace, learn how to recognize the symptoms and how they can have an influence and do something about it


Through individual and work in small groups employees will:

  • Learn how to manage stress on a healthy way
  • Explore new ways of how they can support themselves and support good mental health
  • Learn how to ground themselves and proactively use support systems in order to reduce stress impact
  • Explore new coping strategies of how they can bounce back the daily hassles


For the purposes of this workshops we will use:

  • Individual and work in small groups
  • Dialogue
  • Inquiry
  • Guided visualization
  • Grounding techniques