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Individual psychotherapy is a process through which clients work one on one with a trained and certified therapist. The surrounding in which they work is safe, caring and confidential. Psychotherapy is a talking therapy and it is used to treat emotional problems and mental health issues. Individual psychotherapy is offered to all those who are


Even though individual psychotherapy is mostly recommended as the preferred way of treatment, depending on the nature of the clients problem, group therapy can be an ideal choice for addressing his/hers concerns and making positive changes in their life. Group therapy involves one or more therapists who lead a group of as small as three


Providing constant support for employees’ wellbeing is an essential part of successful companies. Psychotherapy is one way of doing this. Through the process of psychotherapy employees have a possibility to learn a bit more for their current condition, emotions,  thoughts, behavior and to learn how to take control over their life and accordingly respond on


Coaching has at its base an adult-to-adult relationship, it assumes that the coach and the coachee are equals and that the coach has the skills to facilitate awareness raising to the coachee. At GO Center, we work a wide variety of coaching, life coaching, executive coaching and career coaching. At the base of all our


Through the 5 explorations of whole intelligence the coach invite the whole team in a developing journey. Depending on the need of the client different techniques and approaches can be used with different teams, some examples below: Action Inquiry Lemonade experiment (inquiring in the team dynamics, creativity, and ability for action) Storytelling Metaphors Objectives The


Executive coaching is aimed at supporting individuals especially managers within the team through one to one coaching. A minimum of three coaching session during which the manager will be invited to explore his/her/their role within the team, the current situation and where they want to go. Through various coaching techniques, coaching is aimed at supporting


Аll our psychotherapist are accredited from EAGT and EAP and have passed through intensive trainings. Each one of them is under continuous professional supervision in order to ensure the best client service. They are guided by strict ethical rules and follow the Ethical and professional codes of the associations from which they are certified. INDIVIDUAL


Supervision is mandatory for psychotherapists and highly recommended for coaches and consultants. We do not go to supervision because it is mandatory, we go to ensure the best possible practice and take care of ourselves as instruments. Supervision is a formal process in which a psychotherapist, coach or consultant regularly presents his or her client

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